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Welcome To Harbor Medical Group

Harbor Medical Group is dedicated to providing excellent and compassionate care for women in all stages of life. Our commitment is to the doctor-patient relationship. We strive to meet your personal health care needs. We support women's health care in every phase of life; young adulthood, pregnancy, peri-menopausal and post-menopausal times. We offer preventative, medical, surgical therapies and in-house diagnostic imaging. We work with you to choose the most effective health care options suited to your needs.

An announcement from Dr. Martina Nicholson

To my dear patients:
†††††I would never find a good time for retiring, for saying goodbye. As you probably have heard me say, I have been having a very hard time keeping up with the computer, with the details which are needing attention, with having enough patience with all the things we need to do, so that your care is as good as it can be. I will miss you all, but I know that it is time for me to let younger and more energetic doctors do this job. I have been tired, and I donít think I am as smart as I used to be! I am grateful that I do not have a life-threatening illness, or a big huge new stressor. I feel glad that I can try to give more of my attention to my own family now.
†††††I want to believe that you are taking good care of yourself, doing your daily exercise, eating right, and not letting yourself be bullied. I want your children to grow up smart and strong, and for your life and your relationships to be healthy and happy! I am hoping that the next doctor you see really does engage you as a caring provider! I think the younger doctors will have an easier time with the computer than I do, and that will make it easier to keep up the charting.
†††††I believe the next big frontier in medicine is the mind; and it is coming to pass, that more attention will be given to how to help people stay more mentally healthy as we age. I envy the younger doctors who will have better tools for helping people to stay strong and healthy, and also probably have less guess-work.
†††††The kind of private practice which we have here at Harbor Medical Group, has had some very hard stresses; as the majority of doctors move into bigger corporate practices. We have tried to be flexible and to not be too expensive for our patients, but the costs of delivery of care are rising, and it has been a part of the stress for us, as these past years have gone by, to try to juggle this problem, too.
†††††I thank you for your love and support and kindness, and loyalty to me. As I said, it would never be easy, or the right time to say goodbye.
†††††I do not think it is easy to form a healthy doctor-patient relationship, and so I hope you will have patience with your next doctor, to try to teach them how to do it! Because I know it is a relationship which is precious and worth having, and it DOES make a difference in getting the best care.

With love and hope for all of our futures,

Martina Nicholson MD, FACOG